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    Forum Rules! Empty Forum Rules!

    Post  [MMO]XenoMorph on Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:31 am

    3 warnings equals ban to forum account.

    1. Don't swear at forum, When u want to swear for flame, then wright the word like this (F****e).

    2. If the topic has been made for adults then u should mark +18 age at the topic name

    3. Don't insult!!

    4. Topics should be created in the correct sections. Those which will be in wrong sections, will be moved or deleted.

    5. Threads which contain short posts only for increase amount of user's post, will be closed, moved to junk, or deleted and user could be warned!

    6. Avoid of "Caps lock", When u use it,u may be warned by moderators.

    7. Don't quote, long posts only to say ur opinion.

    8. Spam is forbidden (adding to every thread, short words like:yes aha agree will be instantly deleted and u are going to be warned.

    9. For frequent forum rules transgress in short time we considering temporary accounts blocks (90 days - 3 warns). If it won't help, and user's behavior won't improve, his account will be blocked permanently.

    10. Users who are breaking rules has got chance for reclamation, warns will extinct - 1 per 3 months.

    11. Picking holes in someones spelling/orthography is forbidden comments like "learn english" are punishable.

    12. Promoting other servers is strictly forbidden and will ban ur acc for ever!

    13. If there are some special rules to section added, you are obligated to follow them as well.

    14. English language is required on forums.

    15. Dont doublepost.

    16. Respect the Admins and Mods.

    Forum Rules can change and will change according to forum needs.

    Forum Rules! 11mfpostvm3

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