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    Fix the light armor users


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    Fix the light armor users Empty Fix the light armor users

    Post  N3bunu on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:15 am

    Well i think all of u saw how OP are teh daggers , well i suggest u to make archers / daggers to use only light sets to balance the pvp and nerf mages a bit , then all will be fine for a good pvp. Atm u can see 80% of sv population its dagger, that sux rly cuz there are many classes who can be played for pvp and etc but u cant cuz if u wana play for example tyrant or glad or w/e u are very very weak versus those daggers and archers with heavy sets. Im saggitarius on main and usualy i play ghost hunter and with full buffs i have like 3700 p def , u think that's normal for a dagger?

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